Chipping Warden Primary Academy

Chipping Warden Acedemy

Relationships between staff and pupils are positive - everyone wants the best for the pupils

- Ofsted (HMI) February 2020

Life at Chipping Warden Primary Academy Life at Chipping Warden Primary Academy Life at Chipping Warden Primary Academy Life at Chipping Warden Primary Academy

Behaviour and Rewards

House Teams 

We have four house teams Lancaster, Wellington, Spitfire and Hurricane. Children can earn house points for a variety of school activities and each term the house team with the most points chooses a reward for their team. 

Behaviour Charts

We have a whole school reward and sanction system in place whereby the children start each day on 'Ready For Learning' and move up or down the chart depending on their behaviour in class and in the playground. Find a copy of the chart at this link...Behaviour Chart

Children earn stickers for each day that they stay on 'Ready to Learn' or above and when they have completed a whole sticker card they receive a certificate of congratulations.

On Friday afternoons we have whole school Golden Opportunities for the children to choose from. Children who reach the top of the behaviour chart 'All Star' are invited to tea with the Head of School. 

Sanctions include missing play times and Golden Opportunity. At the end of each half term children receive a report detailing both their attendance and their behaviour score – positive numbers equate to good behaviour and negative numbers equate to improvement required. 

Weekly Awards 

Each week we celebrate the successes of our pupils at assembly where class 'Star of the Week' awards are presented to children from each class and certificates are given out to recognise 'Work of the Week' for pieces of work where children have shown improvement in presentation. 


Behaviour Expectations 

Click the link to see playground and classroom expectations.